2 oktober – Workshops: Andrea Ryff – Alken

14067680_1353419271353468_349463862691927626_nI’m very happy to announce our second pole star:
The Australian Andrea Ryff is coming to Pole Tricks, Alken!She won the Australian Pole Championships in 2014 and
recently won Masters Pole Art Champion at IPC and represented Australia at the World Pole Sports Championships.

Andrea has a gymnastic background and is known for her control and grace.

There will be 3 workshops of 90 minutes.
Price per workshop: 55 euros

workshop 1: Dynamic Movement
Fun acrobatic moves and transitions. Balancing, twists, flips…
Level: Intermediate / advanced

Workshop 2: Flips, drops and pops
I think the name speaks for itself…
Level: Intermediate / advanced

Workshop 3: Exotic pole: Aussie style
Bring your heels and your sass to class!
Level: All levels

There will be a 3 person / pole maximum.
More info will follow soon!

Please register via info@poletricks.be