21 juli – Workshops: Kristy Sellars – Leuven

Proud to share with you that Pole Tricks will host the amazing Kristy Sellars!
Kristy has a dance background and is an amazing choreographer.
She also worked on pieces for Bendy Kate, Sergia Louise and Karry Summers,
but she is also one strong poler!!
Price will be 55 euros / workshop of 90 minutes.15:00 – 16:30
Workshop 1: Tricks – Tricks -Tricks
Learn her signature tricks, the sellars bomb, dynamic drops and unique transitions
level: intermediate + pro16:45-18:15
Workshop 2: Tumbles
Learn 10 ways to tumble
level: must be able to aerial invert!!
18:30 – 20:00
Workshop 3: Dance hacks for the non-dancer
Learn how to move between the poles and between combinations
level: all levels

Want to join? Send an email to info@poletricks.be
You’ll get the payment info afterwards.
Your spot is booked after the payment is received.
!!The workshop is non-refundable!!